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qualified and unqualified types
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What are the qualified and unqualified types in C ?

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      07-08-2005 Removed) wrote:
> What are the qualified and unqualified types in C ?

I dont have a copy of the standard handy so I'll quote
from my K&R2, which should help(and is self explanatory):
A.4.4 Type Qualifiers

An object's type may have additional qualifiers. Declaring an object
const announces that its value will not be changed; declaring it
volatile announces that it has special properties relevant to
optimization. Neither qualifier affects the range of values or
arithmetic properties of the object.

A.8.2 Type Specifiers
Types may also be qualified, to indicate special properties of the
objects being declared.


Type qualifiers may appear with any type specifier. A const object may
be initialized, but not thereafter assigned to. There are no
implementation-dependent semantics for volatile objects.

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