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Aliasing/Torek's strtod() experience

Adam Warner
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Hi all,

Message ID <(E-Mail Removed)> is one of many informative
articles by Chris Torek about C. The particular message discusses aliasing
and concludes with this paragraph:

Under these strict type-aliasing rules, casting from (e.g.) "int *" to
"short *" is not only quite suspicious, it is also likely to cause
puzzling behavior, at least if you expect your "short *" to access or
modify your "int". Even the time-honored, albeit dubious, practise of
breaking a 64-bit IEEE "double" into two 32-bit integers (int or long
depending on the CPU involved) via a union need not work, and sometimes
does not. (We had a problem with strtod() not working right because of
code just like this. It worked in older gcc compilers, and eventually
failed when gcc began doing type-specific alias analysis and

The code I've written below breaks an 8 byte double into two 4 byte signed
integers via a union. How should this code be modified so it conforms to
C's aliasing rules?

#include <assert.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

union u {
double f64;
uint32_t u32[2];

int main() {
double val=strtod("1.23", NULL);
printf("%i %i\n", ((union u) val).u32[0], ((union u) val).u32[1]);
return 0;

Many thanks,
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