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how to ask gcc to link with older library ?

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I have a library with both newer and older version
installed, their soname are and

When I use

gcc prog.c -o prog -lHELLO

the prog will use by default.
A simple question, how can I ask gcc to use ?



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Walter Roberson
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In article <(E-Mail Removed) .com>,
KC <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>I have a library with both newer and older version
>installed, their soname are and

Although the C standards talk about the standard library, the
implementation details are intentially left exceedingly vague --
to the point where the "library" could be an inherent part of
the compiler, or of the OS, or in source code form, rather than a
seperate file.

The C standards do not specify anything (that I can recall) about the
existance of other libraries -- only that there will be the ability to
link together the compilation of seperate files. I haven't reviewed the
wording for awhile, but my recollection is that a compiler that
accepted only source files and insisted that all those source files
be named on the (same) command line would be conforming -- i.e.,
intermediate object code and libraries are not required to exist.

>When I use
>gcc prog.c -o prog -lHELLO
>the prog will use by default.
>A simple question, how can I ask gcc to use
> ?

As per the above discussion, that is a system and compiler dependant
matter that you may need to ask about in one of the gnu.* newsgroups.

In many implementations, you can link a specific version of a
library by naming the fuller name of the containing file. For

gcc prog.c -o prog

or it might in your system be necessary to go as far as something like

gcc -o prog prog.c /usr/local/lib/

If these don't work for you, ask in the gnu groups, specifying there
your operating system.
'The short version of what Walter said is "You have asked a question
which has no useful answer, please reconsider the nature of the
problem you wish to solve".' -- Tony Mantler
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