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Comments format: comments extending over multi-line

Michael Wojcik
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In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, Keith Thompson <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
> Jason Curl <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
> >
> > Some compilers will see a nested comment and see that line 3 contains
> > the end of the comment, other compilers will see line 2 ending the
> > comment and fail compilation on line 3.

> No, nested comments are not part of the standard. Since some code
> actually depends on a "/*" within a comment being ignored, a compiler
> that allowed nested comments (at least in its default mode) would
> cause problems.

For example, I've worked with at least one programmer who liked to put
a comment at the end of nearly every line, and liked to comment out
code by inserting "/*" at the beginning of the line, thus:

foo(x); /* do something */
/* bar(x); /* do something else */
/* baz(x); /* and yet another thing */
return x;

A compiler that "allowed nested comments" (ie, failed to process
comments as mandated by the C language) would fail to compile this

Now, this is a poor practice, for a number of reasons; for example,
if this programmer had put /* at the beginning of the final line
above, the comment would have extended until a */ was found further
down in the source file. It's much better to use #if / #endif to
suppress interpretation of a section of code. However, there is C
code which uses it, and so "supporting" nested comments would be a
Bad Thing.

Michael Wojcik Removed)

Then a good friend got very ill, and it made Pernsteiner realize that
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