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Stream Redirection. Newbies question

Alexander Baranov
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I work in Debian Linux GCC. I have a function, which opens a socket and
binds 'mystream' stream with this socket (by fdopen command). Then, while
being inside this function I want stdout be redirected to mystream. On
exiting the function I have to return stdout to ordinary stdout.
I did it like this:

Entering function
FILE* sos_stdout;
sos_stdout = stdout; //reserving stdout
stdout = mystream; //redirecting
doing something
stdout = sos_stdout; //returning stdout back
fclose(mystream); //closing my stream

It works, but I still have a feeling that I do it in a wrong way. Please,
advise if it is really so.
Regards, Alex.

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Kenneth Brody
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Alexander Baranov wrote:
> FILE* sos_stdout;
> sos_stdout = stdout; //reserving stdout
> stdout = mystream; //redirecting

This statement won't work on all platforms, as "stdout" may not be an
lvalue. For example, several of my systems have stdio.h lines like:

#define stdin (&__iob[0])
#define stdout (&__iob[1])
#define stderr (&__iob[2])


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Dan Pop
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In <81066$417cfa3c$44a55b44$(E-Mail Removed)> "Alexander Baranov" <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

>Entering function
>FILE* sos_stdout;
>sos_stdout = stdout; //reserving stdout
>stdout = mystream; //redirecting
>doing something
>stdout = sos_stdout; //returning stdout back
>fclose(mystream); //closing my stream
>It works, but I still have a feeling that I do it in a wrong way. Please,
>advise if it is really so.

You're right. stdin, stdout and stderr need not be modifiable lvalues,
so you may not be allowed to assign anything to them (even if it works
on your particular implementation).

Use fprintf on mystream instead of printf (ditto for fputs instead puts)
and you don't have to mess with stdout.

Dan Pop
DESY Zeuthen, RZ group
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Currently looking for a job in the European Union
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