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Can v call procedures written in other languages from a C prgm

Richard Bos
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      08-12-2004 Removed) wrote:

> "Malcolm" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<ceolon$kp7$(E-Mail Removed)>...
> >
> > Unfortunately there isn't a very good answer. There are no standard
> > facilities for doing so. However virtually every platform builds the
> > executable out of linked object files, and sometimes there is a way of
> > compiling another language to a C linkable .o or .obj file. Most assemblers
> > will do this, for example.

> SO, there isn't any way to call the functions from C prgm, written in
> a diff language then.

No portable way, that is. If you want to call, say, a function written
in Gnu Pascal, then Gnu C probably has a facility to do so; if you want
to call a function written in MicroSoft Visual Basic from MSVC, this may
well be possible; but in all such cases, the way to do so is necessarily
specific to that particular compiler, and you need to read its
documentation, or ask in a newsgroup for that compiler, to find out how.

Note that C++ is a special case: you explicitly _can_ call C functions
from C++ programs, but this is handled by the C++ Standard, not by C, so
ask about this feature in comp.lang.c++.

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