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multiple networks?

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- I have a Cisco 1720 router with a WIC-1ENET running as my primary
home router.
- A friend of mine just moved in next door, and is on a different ISP
- I have a wireless to ethernet bridge and a crappy switch that
doesn't support VLANs

My network is 172.19.44.X/24
My friend's network is 10.45.0.X/24

- Both are running DHCP

A few quick questions:

1) I assume right now if I simply plug the wireless bridge into my
switch I'm going to create a race condition for DHCP, is there any way
to avoid this?
2) How can I configure my router so that if my ISP is down all my
traffic is sent to his network?
3) My ISP seriously throttles VOIP traffic. Is it possible for my
router to do policy based routing with only one Interface/VLAN? I'd
love to send VOIP traffic to his network whenever possible.

My initial thought is that I'll probably have to buy another WIC-1ENET
and plug the wireless bridge directly into the router to avoid the
DHCP issues, but I'm not sure..

I'm not a Cisco "newbie" but 90% of my Cisco experience is with NAT,
access-lists, etc..

Thanks in advance.

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