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Clarify Route once/Switch many

Nathan Harmon
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Can someone clarify the concept of route once, switch many? Does that
mean within a local area network you should be two hops at most between
any other system? I'm having a hard time seeing how this works in large
networks with separate access, distribution, and core layers. It seems
like the distribution and core layers would all communicate on a
separate VLAN to pass data, thus creating more logical hops.

Or am I over thinking this?

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The basic issue has to due with the delay imposed by a router on packet
forwarding - if you can minimize the number of times that datagram
headers have to be parsed in order to forward them to the appropriate
end destination, the result will be a reduction in the total system
delay and an improvement in throughput.

This is especially useful in a packet train or data flow between two
peers -- determine the route, then disseminate the path info to the
(layer-2) switches so that minimal processing occurs, minimizing delay.


Brad Reese
2007 Cisco Salary Rates

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