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Nimh battery not as full as alkaline's?
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>Sigh. 'Full discharge' in this context is discharged to the point where
>the device turns off. NOT as in a flashlight where the battery may be
>discharged to the point of damage.
>Motorola RAZR phone with a lithium ion battery has this same
>recommendation in its manual.

The RAZOR uses a LI-ION battery that has protective circuitry within
the battery so that you can't fully discharge it. So in the context of
LI-ION's being fully discharged per the manual it can only mean the
point where the circuitry in the battery shuts down the discharging
of the battery.

A NIMH battery has no safety net built into the battery. NIMH
batteries that are fully discharged may be damaged.

A smart charger that is designed to be used with NIMH batteries
and has a option to fully discharge the battery before charging
will only fully discharge the battery to about 1 volt.
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Joseph Meehan
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Just D wrote:
> "JakeC"
>> From what I read, it seems to me alkaline Vs Nimh is like Sprinter Vs
>> Marathoner. One is fast and powerful but doesn't last very long, and
>> the other is not as powerful but last much longer. Judging by my
>> flashlight test it seems to be so. How's that analogy?

> I'd say kamikaze VS. pilots.

Good comparison.

> Just D.

Joseph Meehan

Dia 's Muire duit

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In article <59Kzh.943347$R63.145309@pd7urf1no>, JakeC <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>Hi all,
>I just bought a two sets of 4 Energizer 2500mAh batteries yesterday. One
>set came with a charger. I used that charger to charge both of the sets.
>It took nine hours to finish charging each set (as indicated by the
>turning off of the LED light on the charger and the warmth of the
>batteries). Then I used a small, handy battery tester to see how "full"
>the batteries are. Sadly my tester says they're just above "replace". I
>remembered I also tested one of the sets right off the package and I got
>the same indication. It seems like the charging has no effect on the
>batteries. I also put a pair of the batteries into a flash light. It
>turned out that the light was dimmer than that came out with the pair of
>the no-name alkaline batteries originally sitting in that flash light.

Rechargeables are 1.2v , Alkaline are 1.5v

>Is there something wrong with the charger? Shouldn't my tester have its
>pointer moving all the way across the "good" area of the tester, just
>like any new batteries will make it to and show that the batteries are
>full? Do I need to re-charge the batteries?

No, you need a real tester that isn't made for only testing mid 20th century
battery tech.

>Thanks in advance for your input.

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