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How do you guys view your digital photos?

Ron Hunter
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Keith Sheppard wrote:
>>> How do you guys view your digital photos?
>>> Computer monitor obviously, but I mean after that. Say you want to
>>> show a bunch of people a few dozen shots.
>>> o Digital projector?
>>> o HD TV?
>>> o Prints?
>>> Do digital projector and HD TV give enough resolution?
>>> KS

> If I'm visiting someone who I know is going to be interested I'll take my
> laptop. I'm sure the purists will throw up their arms in horror and say a
> laptop screen image is rubbish but "enough resolution" is rather a
> subjective thing. I'm usually only showing holiday snaps or family photos,
> not trying to win any awards. A laptop screen image, to my mind, is more
> than a match for a 6x4 print. The only disadvantage is the audience is
> limited to one or two people at a time because of the limited screen viewing
> angle so folks just have to take turns.
> I also tend to carry my latest pictures around on a memory stick on my key
> ring so I can easily give out copies, or show them on a friend's computer,
> if I don't happen to have my laptop with me.
> I tend only use a TV when staying in hotels and the like. There's a group
> of us who frequently go on short walking breaks and we'll often gather round
> the TV in someone's hotel room in the evening to view the day's pictures.
> Hotel TVs tend to be decidedly Low D but it's horses for courses.
> In the longer term, once the holiday or family occasion is no longer the
> latest news, I'll print a selection of the best ones and store them in the
> family album.
> From another KS
> Keith.

I would hate to have my pictures judged by others from viewing on a TV
in a hotel. Most of them don't even qualify as watchable for reality TV
shows, which are about the worst fare on TV. Darn sad.
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Volker Hetzer
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King Sardon wrote:
> How do you guys view your digital photos?
> Computer monitor obviously, but I mean after that. Say you want to
> show a bunch of people a few dozen shots.
> o Digital projector?
> o HD TV?
> o Prints?

Prints, done by a lab.

Lots of Greetings!
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Keith Sheppard
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>>The guy was asking about displaying to a group. I'm assuming that
>>he's talking about in a conference room or auditorium, not in his
>>living room. What would _you_ use?

I looked at the original post and it's a bit ambiguous. I'm not sure
whether he was talking about a group of friends or, as you suggest, a public
audience. In the latter case I think it's important to know _why_ the
photographs are being displayed. If you are showing to a group of
photographers and want to discuss the technical merits of the photos
themselves then clearly you need the best equipment available. If it's the
content of the photos which is important, for example you're giving a talk
on - I don't know, polar bears - and you want to illustrate it with a few
shots of polar bears going about their polar bear business, then the quality
becomes less important provided the image is reasonably clearly visible.

As to what I would use, I don't profess to be an expert on multi-media
conferencing. I'd probably use whatever was available at the venue.

>>You've not seen HD then.

This is true, and I'm not denying that it's probably better. By all reports
it is - much better. The problem as I see it is that in my current state of
blissful ignorance I'm satisfied with what I've got. There's a danger that
if I actually went and looked at an HDTV that satisfaction would evaporate
so I intend to postpone that event as long as possible.

The real point I was trying to make (which is off topic I agree but, hey,
this is a discussion group and discussions often go off at a tangent) is
that even if HDTV is the bee's knees it's a huge investment for something
that could spend most of its time turned off because there's nothing on
which I consider worth watching.


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Today, J. Clarke made these interesting comments ...

>>Back to printers for a moment. Canon and others now make 12
>>cartidge photo printers! But, let me warn you, these things
>>eat $15 ink cartridges like popcorn even when printing at
>>normal for borderless 8.5 x 11. So, iffn ya wants ta get a
>>really "good" printer, be prepared to pay not only for the
>>printer but for lots of ink. So, the real answer to your
>>question has to be qualified by "what is your quality
>>expectation and what are your major subject(s)"? Answers will
>>help you determine what to buy.

> What model of Canon has 12 cartridges? The closest I can find
> is the Pixma Pro 9500 that has 10 and does not appear to be
> available as yet. Or were you talking about the IPF series?
> If so, that's not a $15 cartridge, that's a $75 cartridge--the
> things hold almost a thousand bucks worth of ink. The HP
> Z3100 cartridges cost the same.

I really don't know. Not that long ago, when I was at the camera
store I bought my 6600 from, I extolled its virtues and the manager
told me about what he called a 12 cartridge system. You are
undoubtedly correct, I didn't verify what he said, I was just
making the point that all other factors being equal, but they
seldom are, the higher the quality, the higher the cost, and one
has to balance the cost with the benefit. If it is a thousand
dollars worth of ink, a customer better have a really abiding need
for the quality AND be able to supply that printer with images
worth that much! Thanks for the info.

HP, aka Jerry
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"Bucky" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)

> resolution doesn't matter that much for photos.

You're not a photographer, are you


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"King Sardon" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> What I find odd is that you guys have such little concern
> about displaying your fine pictures on such crummy media.
> It's not just about the resolution, it's also about the lenses.
> Are you guys the same ones as disparage the quality of the
> "kit" lenses, urging us to buy the $1000+ lenses? To what
> avail, if you are going to display the results on monitors or
> TVs?

I don't think they are the same ones...

You've had a few responses from such people, but most of your replies
assumed you wanted to 'show pictures' rather than present art - suggesting
an audience concerned less about the _picture_ than about what it is a
_picture of_ . Maybe not a justified assumption, but there you go

If I'm showing to a small group I use prints, to a large group I project
slides. But my audiences are, by the nature of what I do, concerned about
pictures, not about how cute the baby is, or whatever. My method is much
more work, and if the primary aim is showing friends what the new
baby/kitten/house looks like, or giving a rough overview of a holiday, or
presenting ideas to a conference, then the laptop, HDTV, digital projector
or whatever is as much as you need, and much less effort.

I think those of us who care deeply about lens choice, are those who are
printing their pictures, and/or selling them. And that means, mostly, they
weren't the people who answered your question as it seemed to be about
something else.

(That said, a recent travelling exhibition that had three of my pictures in
it projected everything as a slide sequence using just 800px high files.
Not ideal, but that made it possible to take the show to a larger audience
than more stringent criteria would have allowed.)


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On Feb 9, 9:07 am, "Bandicoot" <"insert_handle_here">
> You're not a photographer, are you

In the context of viewing on a TV, photos look fine. Whereas text
looks horrible. So that's why I said resolution doesn't matter that
much for photos.

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John D.
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On February 6, 2007, King Sardon wrote:

>How do you guys view your digital
> photos?

I print my favorites, but if I have people at my place and I want to
show photos that aren't printed, I have a 50" 720P Panasonic
rear-projection LCD HDTV with an Xbox 360 that's in my wireless network,
that lets me access my photos on my main computer using Zune software.

The photos look great on the TV, excellent color, very sharp.


Visit my macro and close-up photography album at:

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John Turco
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"J. Clarke" wrote:
> On Tue, 06 Feb 2007 19:37:20 -0600, Ron Hunter <(E-Mail Removed)>
> wrote:
> >King Sardon wrote:
> >> How do you guys view your digital photos?
> >>
> >> Computer monitor obviously, but I mean after that. Say you want to
> >> show a bunch of people a few dozen shots.
> >>
> >> o Digital projector?
> >> o HD TV?
> >> o Prints?
> >>
> >> Do digital projector and HD TV give enough resolution?
> >>
> >> KS
> >>

> >I use my laptop. TV just doesn't come close.

> Uh, HDTV isn't "TV". A good one will have higher resolution than most
> laptops.

Hello, John:

I concur. Furthermore, my Sanyo HT30744 (30" wide-screen HDTV) is
a CRT, and I've never seen >any< digital display (HDTV or not) that
could match its overall picture quality.

I've even used the Sanyo to view digital photos, using a Panasonic
DMR-ES45V (VHS/DVD combination recorder), via an HDMI connection. The
HT30744 compares pretty favorably, with my best computer monitor (CTX
PL9; 19" CRT, .026mm dot pitch).

John Turco <(E-Mail Removed)>
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