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Floyd L. Davidson
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timeOday <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>Floyd L. Davidson wrote:
>> The RAW file contains 12 bit *sensor data*. It is *not* an
>> image file. There is no such thing as a "RAW editor", 16-bit or
>> otherwise. And it is not possible that "RAW images looked
>> better", because RAW data is not viewable. The RAW data *must*
>> be processed into an image format (such as JPEG).

>That statement doesn't mean anything. No computer data is
>viewable until it's decoded. If anything, the encoding of jpeg
>is MORE obscured than RAW.

JPEG data defines specific image, pixel by pixel.

The sensor data does not do that. The values from multiple
sensor sites are used to generate each pixel when that data is
processed to make an image. Which sensors, and now they are
evaluated to make each pixel, is not defined by the RAW file

We are not talking about "decoded" data. That is what you do to
view a JPEG image. Raw sensor data has to be *processed*, and
then *encoded* into an image format (which is then decoded for

Floyd L. Davidson <>
Ukpeagvik (Barrow, Alaska) Removed)
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> > Interesting thing yesterday shooting with a Canon Digital Rebel
> > (350XT). I used settings for both RAW (CR2) and JPEG capture for each
> > picture. Visually, looking at the results and comparing (without any
> > touchup) each picture, some RAW images looked better from camera and
> > for some images, JPEG looked better.
> > I realize that RAW images are 16-bit vs. 8-bit JPEG images and either
> > or both may be adjusted in Photoshop, but i was surprised at the
> > results coming from initial camera transfer.

I used RAW and L (best res JPEG) with 350XT camera. Used Bridge
program (from CS2 package) to initialy view each shot (RAW and L).



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