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Which one of these?

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On 2007-01-31 02:33:09 -0500, Ken Lucke <(E-Mail Removed)> said:

> In article <agXvh.831792$5R2.721877@pd7urf3no>, Matt Ion
> <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> Ken Lucke wrote:
>>> In article <(E-Mail Removed)>,
>>> QUAKEnSHAKE <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>>> Hi Looking at getting a photo editor. Any users here of one of these.
>>>> Any features one has that would make it a better choice? Thanks
>>>> Photo Explosion V3 for $20
>>>> OR
>>>> Print Shop Deluxe 22 for $30
>>>> I own just a Canon SD800IS
>>>> Thank You
>>>> Ray
>>> Neither of those could be considered even a medium range, let alone a
>>> full-range, photo editor. They're more geared towards making greeting
>>> cards, posters, calendars, etc. Whatever "editing" tools they do
>>> posess are severely limited, and geared towards making those sorts of
>>> projects, rather than actual editing.
>>> Don't blow even that small amount of cash on them, expecting them to do
>>> full fledged photo editing. If their features are what you need, fine,
>>> but if not if you are looking for serious editing.

>> Then again, not everyone needs a "full-range" photo editor...

> Which, I believe, is the gist of my last paragraph - but the "range" of
> editing tools in most of these "print shop-type" programs is very sadly
> lacking, and wouldn't come up to most people's standards of "minimal".
>> Take a look at - it's easy, fast, has a good
>> compliment
>> of basic editing features, and most importantly, it's FREE.

> I've never used it (I use PS myself), but I've generally heard some
> good things about it, and so might recommmend it far more readily than
> either of the two programs the OP had listed.
> As the OP is a user of webtv, there's no way of telling which platform
> s/he's on (why anyone would use a toy like webtv for newsgroups when
> they have an actual computer is beyond my ken anyway) but the
> suggestion [by another poster] of Gimp if on Windows is probably a good
> one... for one thing, it's free, IIRC. If on a Mac, there are also a
> number of free or low-cost actual editing programs out there - all one
> has to do is search VersionTracker for either platform.

Of course, on the Mac you already have iPhoto which is pretty good
basic package and a very good organizer. Personally, PhotoShop CS2 and
Nikon Capture. On the lower end, Photosop Elements is probably the
best over all value. I am an fan of OSF but I am not a real fan of
Jim <

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On Jan 31, 11:51 am, (E-Mail Removed) (QUAKEnSHAKE) wrote:
> Hi Looking at getting aphotoeditor. Any users here of one of these.
> Any features one has that would make it a better choice? Thanks
> PhotoExplosion V3 for $20
> OR
> Print Shop Deluxe 22 for $30
> I own just a Canon SD800IS
> Thank You
> Ray

Hey ray, I think Adobe Photoshop would be the best.

I'd like to recommend Flash SlideShow Suite for creating flash photo
albums with digital pictures.

************************************************** ***
---- Color your digital life ---
Complete Solutions for You Picture Slideshow
************************************************** ***

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Adam Helberg
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"Just D" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:SAqwh.17958$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Btw,
> I went to for my personal curiosity and found that a new version is $100
> and upgrade from any previous one is $80. How is possible to get this version 5 for
> $54? I need that for my kids and I'm just wondering where is the trick with $54?
> Just D.
> "Ron Hunter" <(E-Mail Removed)>
>> Adam Helberg wrote:
>>> "Mark B." <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>>>> "Doug Robbins" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>>>>> I see no reason not to use Photoshop.
>>>> ...other than the fact that it costs nearly $600 and is overkill for the casual
>>>> P&S user...
>>> You can buy PhotoShop Elements 5 for $54, that's what I ordered.

>> A good option for most users. About 90% of the power of PS for 10% of the price!


I ordered my through Amazon. Just look for the lowest price for the new package. It
should come out to about $54.


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