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Re: Firewire card creates dial-up internet access conflict.

Dead Meat
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Anonymous Coward wrote:
> *>
> > IS the firewire card creating a network setting that is takin

> priority in
> looking for my dial-up server? I dial up and connect just fine,
> just
> can't seem to access any outside servers. I removed the card an
> restored
> my system (Windows XP Pro) and now my on-line access is working.
> Yes, installing any firewire card gives Windows XP a new 139
> network
> adaptor, and I've seen all sorts of issues with "just having it"
> including
> the sort of stuff you describe. Try disabling that 1394 networ
> adaptor.
> >
> > Are there some special setting I need in place to use the firewir

> card
> and a dial-up connection at the same time?
> Yes, disable the 1394 network adaptor. *

I am having the same problem, but disabling the 1394 network adapte
doesn't solve the problem. My Firewire card came with video editin
software and has its own driver but even that didn't help. Is there an
other possible solutions? Any idea why it is causing the conflict

Dead Mea
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