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Software to create photo albums AND web version?

Craig Johnson
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I'm trying to find the ideal software that can work with my images
(usually TIFF, sometimes JPG), and make a photo album, and then be
able to create a web version of that album. It needs to work on
Windows XP.

The program I've got closest with so far is Thumbs Plus. However, it
has the following issues:

1. All my files have to start in the same directory. As I often
organize my pictures into different directories (by date, and/or
subject matter, inside a folder for a vacation trip), I have to
completely redo my filing structure to make things work with Thumbs
Plus. Alternatively, I have to make separate web versions and
manually link together index pages.

2. Thumbs Plus does not have hardly anything in the way of
'scrapbooking features'. Some things I really want are:
a. easy way to caption a picture, on any side of the picture I want.
b. easy way to change size and orientation of picture, such as making
one shot much larger on a page and having following shots in the album
'flow' across pages as I edit.

Problems I've run into:
a. programs that won't read TIFF files.
b. programs that won't do as described above (work with multiple
subdirectories, add captions, or easily float pictures across pages as
I edit the preceding pages.

I've got Photoshop CS2, and I realize I could manually assemble
pictures into an album with it, but that's just way too slow for me.
I like how Thumbs Plus grabs a bunch of images and makes them into a
series of pages with the number of rows and columns I specify - I just
want to be able to easily modify from that starting point.

Once done with a digital photo album, I'd like to easily convert it
into a web site, either with the same program, or another one designed
to work from the output of the first.

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