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Megapixel Question

Tony Belding
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On 2006-11-28 00:06:20 -0600, "jeremy" <(E-Mail Removed)> said:

> There is obviously SOME degree of difference, but it may be so slight
> as to go unnoticed. The following piece hardly represents the last
> word on the subject, but I found it to be thought provoking:

Thought provoking yes. I liked what he said about the Holgas, I hadn't
seen those before. They're funky! And I think he's right on the mark
with his basic idea, that it takes a *large* difference in pixel count
to be noticeable. In other words, the difference between a 6MP camera
and a 10MP camera is not much more than splitting hairs.

However, I also found some bits to disagree with.

>> Ignore me. Just look here for why a magazine like Arizona Highways
>> simply does not accept images from digital cameras for publication
>> since the quality is not good enough, even from 16 megapixel cameras,
>> to print at 12 x 18." Arizona highways doesn't even accept 35mm film,
>> and rarely medium format film; they usually only print from 4 x 5"
>> large format film.

Well now. Who has been arguing that their 6MP DSLR is better than
medium or *large* format film? Not I. I have no experience with
medium or large film formats, and am unqualified to even get into that
subject. However. . . I have seen opinions from other people who
found that 11+ MP digital cameras could rival medium format film.

Check this:

Furthermore, I should note that Texas Highways magazine accepts digital
images and apparently has no problem with them. Here's a quote from
their website:

>> Our first choice for many Texas Highways’ story topics will remain
>> color transparency film, particularly for landscapes, nature and other
>> similar subjects. Chromes are still easier for me to edit, quickly; and
>> they still allow us a target to aim at in the digital proofing process.
>> However, today’s high-megapixel digital cameras are capable of
>> delivering excellent reproduction when skillfully used; and in fact
>> will perform better than film in low-light and mixed-light scenes.
>> Additionally, many photographers like the instant feedback digital
>> cameras deliver, as well as the advantage of saving film expense. In
>> capable hands, there’s no reason a decent 5 megapixel or greater camera
>> should not deliver a comparable-to-film image for reproduction in our
>> magazine.

Tony Belding, Hamilton Texas

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