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Canon Pro1.What size is the bayonet?

Neil Ellwood
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On Tue, 28 Nov 2006 08:12:39 -0800, Charles Deaton wrote:

> It appears as though this will have to done by trial and error, if it
> can be done.
> Thanks,
> Charles Deaton

Why not get the canon one?

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Dave Martindale
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"Charles Deaton" <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

>I think I'll spend a few hours at the local photo shop and see if I can
>find one already spec'd, designed, milled and painted.

Not very likely, because you'll need to find one specifically designed
to mate with a Canon Pro1, or perhaps some other Canon with the same
bayonet mount. The chance of any other maker using a compatible
bayonet, even if the diameter is the same, is near zero.

>If this thread is kept alive long enough I have to believe that someone
>has looked into this before. After all it doesn't seem like it's too
>far out of the ordinary to replace a plastic adapter ring with one made
>of a metallic substance.

For an example of people who do this, take a look at
They reverse-engineer the filter adapters for several Canon cameras and
make new ones that are better - machined out of metal and sometimes with
more convenient filter diameters. They obviously have access to CNC
machining equipment and a machinist good enough to make bayonet mounts
that fit well on the camera.

But LensMate don't seem to have the particular one you're looking for,
so you'll need to find someone else with similar capabilities that makes
something for the Pro1. Or find a machinist who will do a one-off
project for you.

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