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Looking for a better image viewing program

Daniel Prince
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In addition to the pictures I have taken, I have thousands of
pictures I have downloaded from newsgroups. I am still using ACDSee
2.42 (registered) to look at my pictures because I have not found
anything I like better.

I am looking for a better image viewing program. ACDSee 2.42 would
be perfect for me if it had these improvements:

1. I like to add comments/descriptions to my files and directories
by using the descript.ion file that ACDSee and other programs can
create and edit. I find that I end up typing the same
comments/descriptions over and over again. I would like to be able
to hit the down arrow key and see and select any of the last 50 (or
more) comments/descriptions I have typed.

2. I would like to be able to convert files to png format.

3. I would like to be able to crop jpeg files losslessly.

Does anyone know of an image viewing program that works like ACDSee
4.42 but has the improvements I want? Thank you in advance for all
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