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4-5MP Camera WITH Text Imprinting
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I am looking for a 4-5, max 6MP camera that can do one important option:


This is NOT the same as date and time, it MUST DO THAT TOO.

But it would be a 16-20 character line of text that would be typed into each
pix or until changed series of pix.

Ie: User comes to location, types in something like address, ticket #, etc..
They take 4-5 pix and this line PLUS Date AND TIME is stamped into the pix, AND
EXIF data. Camera would have options on where to put text like: lower left under
time, or lower right above date, etc..

I've found one Minolta/Konica unit that does this, its $900, TOO MUCH! And its
twice the MP needed.

Looking for something in the $200-300 range 4 to 6MP (MAX) and needs to have an
optical zooom of some sort, digital zoom amount is irrelevant as it will not be

SD memory card

Is there any thing in the MP and $$ range that allows for this text input? ? It
would solve a HUGE problem for some field users.

Use of POST production software to add this doesn't solve the problem.

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