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B/W to Color

Don Stauffer in Minnesota
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      11-06-2006 Removed) wrote:
> Can I convert B/W photo`s to color in Photoshop 7?

A tip for colorizing B&W. Set the brush to a very high transparency
(low opacity). The paints/dyes that others have mentioned were very
transparent so that you SLOWLY built up the color by brushing it on

Setting transparency high in a photo editor does the same thing. In
fact, in most of the old hand tinted colorized photos, the color
saturation ended up being very low- indeed "tinted" is a good word for
the result. That low saturation is what gave them their characteristic
look. So do not build up the color too much.

BTW, if there is a person in the photo, I always load another, color
photo of a person into the program while doing such tinting. That way
I can select skin tones from the real color photo and use them as the
color in the photo I am tinting.

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