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Focus problem on Canon S3 IS

David J Taylor
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DubDriver wrote:
> Do you know that the OP is in the UK? If so, yes for the first 6
> months after purchase it will be for the retailer to prove the goods
> did conform to contract (i.e. were not inherently faulty) then after
> and until the end of the six years, it is for the consumer to prove
> the lack of conformity but at any time compensation can vary in the
> form of a repair, replacement or full refund. A *full* refund applies
> only if you reject goods in a resonable space of time which could be
> as little as 30 days depending on type of product, after that short
> period a partial refund taking into account any beneficial use could
> be taken into account (if buyer chose to reject a repair). The point
> is that, the retailer is responsible up to six years, the
> manufacturer has no responsibility what so ever and so any guarantee
> supplied by them either adds or detract from your rights under
> consumer law depending on which point in time it goes wrong and you
> can choose to ignore unless result is ultimately better than claiming
> from retailer.

It's the two months to discover the fault which would worry me in this
case. It's rather a long time. If copy work was what the camera was
bought for, it should have been checked right away. It may also be that
the camera was correct when supplied, but has become faulty in those two
months, in which case I understand that replacement or refund is not
mandatory, and that offering a repair may meet legal requirements, so the
OP could be without the camera for several weeks. In any case, I hope the
OP can resolve this with his supplier.

I don't know if the US or Canada has similar protection to Europe.


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----- Original Message -----
From: "ironer" <(E-Mail Removed)>
Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2006 9:59 AM
Subject: Focus problem on Canon S3 IS

> Images ex my 2 month old Canon S3 IS are not evenly in focus over the
> whole frame.

> 2. The lower right hand quadrant is not nearly as sharp, and the top
> right hand quadrant is unacceptably fuzzy, although still readable.
> The defects begin after passing the middle of the frame and worsen the
> nearer you get to the top right hand corner.

I Know that problem
> Is this the best that can be expected from the S3?

> If not what is the best way of correcting the fault, eg:
> 1. Return to Canon for readjustment


Well thats what worked for me here in Australia. They replaced the
lens/sensor combo. Even now, it is not sharp across the full image width,
but thats all I'd expect from this sort of camera. One way to check that is
an alignment problem is to look at the focus assist beam through the EVF.
After the fix it is now dead centre with sharp edges, before that it was off
to the left and fuzzy (of course I didnt realise how it was supposed to look
until i had a camera working as designed.
My problem was worst at full wide angle and wide open aperture, I have a few
pix online

Pic 09.jpg is one of a series that made me realise previous examples
weren't just operator error. Check out the text on the honour board on the
back wall. Impossible to read on the right side, blurry but legible on the
left. You can see all those pix at full resolution , if your camera produces
similar shots get onto Canon.

all the best


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