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Easily start up and market a profitable photography business
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The best things about having your own Photography Business is the
freedom to start work when you choose, finish the day when it suits,
attend your children's school functions, meet someone for lunch etc.
You can structure your day the way you see fit and the work is
interesting and enjoyable. Your camera and bag can stay in the car and
your home becomes your office. It doesn't matter whether you use
traditional or digital cameras, this e-book applies to both. You just
get better and better at taking photos. If you enjoy taking photos,
then starting your own photography business makes sense, doesn't it?!
You now need to know how to make it profitable and earn a decent income
from it. Let me make it very clear that this information is only going
to be useful to you if you have a passion for photography. You don't
have to be an award winning photographer, just keen. You must enjoy
photography for this to be successful for you. If you're just looking
for a job doing something different, I don't recommend you read any
Make sure that when you are old enough to earn a living, try to make it
something you enjoy and in which you have an interest - then you'll do
a good job & you'll be happy for a lot longer!
Unfortunately, I didn't take heed until much later in life but you
don't have to wait that long and if you have, then it's never, ever
too late to change.
Some of my greatest loves and joys in life have come from photography.
You can grasp today and store the moment for a long time, you can
create joy and interest for others, (be it weddings, a newborn child,
sport, school photos, family treasures, photojournalism, nature and
educational areas etc.). This very passion for memories and the
continual proud moments millions of people have, ensures the future of
photography. It's a safe career, it's interesting, always changing and
it can be very, very lucrative. "The sky is the limit", as they
say. If you enjoy photography, don't settle for anything less!

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Big problem independent photographers have is GETTING PAID.
Neighbor dabbled in wedding photo work - but ended up with a fleet of
used cars he accepted as "payment" from clients who didn't pay.
Fortunately for him, it was a sideline to a well-paid job - so it was a
good deal for him.

No $4 to park! No $6 admission!

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