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get me NiMh out of here

John Turco
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"Daniel W. Rouse Jr." wrote:

<heavily edited, for brevity>

> Defintely get another charger, and also get some battery carrying cases for
> the batteries.

Hello, Daniel:

I collect the clear, thin, plastic containers, from my Rayovac "Maximum"
6-packs of AA and AAA alkaline cells. They snap shut and make for
convenient, affordable battery holders.

John Turco <(E-Mail Removed)>
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Dave Cohen <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
Quoted discharge
> rates for NiMH are from 1% - 5% per day. This would imply you would see
> 75% to as low as 25% of initial capacity after a month of non use.

I've had NiMH batteries in a rarely-used torch that were still fine after
about a year. However I do find NiMH a bit random, sometimes the same
batteries seem to lose their charge alomost immediately, it's as if
sometimes the charge doesn't "stick". I've heard the same from people using
them in their cameras.

Howewer in my mp3 player I use a bunch of AAA NiMH in rotation and have
noticed no difference between freshly charged ones and ones charged a 2-3
months ago and haven't had any "dud" charges, so maybe it's a problem
specific to some individual batteries.

Re. digital cameras I think the L-Ion ones are a bit of a scam, mine is
same size & electrical spec. as 3xAAA NiMH yet even a generic one costs
about 6x the cost of 3 NiMH cells (ok it holds a bit more power but not
much). The recommended manufacturer's one was being sold at about four
times as much again, making a total of around 25x markup compared to using
NiMH. Unfortunately my camera (Panasonic) doesn't give you an NiMH option
(unlike, say Ricoh) and they have cunningly made the battery compartment
about 0.5-1mm narrower than an AAA cell so there's no chance of someone
making a converter either.

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"They told me I was gullible ... and I believed them!"
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