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Tripod "Heads" and Quick Release Question

Dave Martindale
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      10-18-2006 Removed) (Floyd L. Davidson) writes:

>If the camera gets truly *large*, as with an 8x10 view camera,
>pan heads and ball heads can be used they just aren't safe or
>easy. For heavy cameras that will be positioned and not moved,
>a gearhead is very very nice. There is no risk that it will
>fall over while the adjustment is loosened enough to reposition
>the camera; just crank on the gear and position it.

In addition, some gearheads place the centre of rotation for pitch well
above the camera platform itself. With some care, you can mount the
front nodal point of the camera lens at the centre of rotation. This
isn't normally useful for a still camera, but a movie camera mounted
this way retains exactly the same perspective of the scene while it pans
and tilts. It allows you to carefully line up a matte painting with the
background and then change camera aim without losing this alignment.

Gearheads also provide smooth movements.

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