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Re: mcsd

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>I'm planning to get a MCSD w/i the next year. How
>valuable is that w/o a 4 year degree?

Depends on how much real world experience you have and in what
business sector(s) that experience was obtained in. Some business
sectors, for example telecoms, have been hit by a down turn in the
global market, while other sectors have continued to grow.

Without experience any ms cert will not help much; without a college
degree as well, they are as good as useless.

Also, your location has a bearing on the importance (or worth) of ms
certs. In the UK they are almost meaningless, while back in the States
they certainly carry more weight, despite the bad press they get.

Nevertheless, if you are not paying for the exams yourself (say your
company is), then it does no harm at all in taking them. Follow the
topics in the prep guides and you will learn a lot, which is should be
whole point of the certification process.
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