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Shooting in Raw format

John Mather
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Thanks to all who replied. I have a much better understanding now.

"John Mather" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:yK6Cg.37587$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Being just new to digital photography, I have a question regarding "Raw"
> format. When shooting in this format, is there anything I must do before
> printing? With Jpeg, I just take the photos and then print.
> Thanks
> John M

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Scott W
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Hebee Jeebes wrote:
> One thing about RAW you have the extra flexibility, but you had better like
> spending time processing each and every image. Even for something like a 5
> shot panorama you have to process each of those 5 shots, save them out of
> the RAW format and then stitch them.

I do a lot of photo stitching, often with 40 or more images to from
one. I started out using jpeg, mainly because or the memory raw files
take up. But now flash memory is getting really cheap and so I have
switched to all raw even for stitched photos.

For stitching raw is great. I look for the photo in the bunch that has
the greatest expsoure and adjust it untill the highlights are not
blown, then apply these same adjustment to all the photos in the group.
I can then convert the whole batch of them to tiffs and stitch from
the tiffs. Once I am don't stitching if I want I can delete the tiffs
since I can quickly regenerate them if needed. Note that the tiff
files take up a lot more room then the raw files do.


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