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5 Photos for Critiquing

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I had entered these 5 in the local county fair, and the results are

Hallway: Best of Show
Circles: Best of Show
Water: Third Place.
Dancing Senoritas: Second Place.
Patio Bird: Didn't place.

I think those who offered critiques were right on, for the most part,
esp. re: Patio Bird. Their pointing out the focus flaw prepared me for
this outcome. I really had hopes for this photo. They were also right
on in wishing the the faces in Dancing Senoritas were clearer. Ron
attached meaning to Circles ("Nowhere Fast"), and the judges did, too.
I had entered this in the Still Life category, but the judges placed it
in the Nostalgia category. Both Ron & the judges saw the humanity
behind what I saw only as shapes and patterns. As to Hallway, the title
I gave it in the fair was, An "Einstein" Hallway, Berlin University.
The globed lights resembled planets & the grid of the partition
resembled rationality to me; this is why I took the picture. Maybe that
gives Hallway a bit more meaning.

One4All wrote:
> I'd appreciate it if anyone would care to critique the five photos at:

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One4All wrote:

> I'd appreciate it if anyone would care to critique the five photos at:

The senoritas and the bird could both need fill flash.

I like the circles.

The cool clear water needs a longer exposure, but really needs to be
recomposed as well.

The Hallway would be more interesting with a person in it, especially
one framed by the glass in the closed half of the double door. Or
perhaps one motion blurred while walking in the hall.
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Petri Lopia
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On 2006-08-05, One4All <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> I'd appreciate it if anyone would care to critique the five photos at:

I liked Dancing Senoritas photo even that I think that those faces
are way too dark. It would be so nice to see dancers faces in better

Petri Lopia :: Removed)lid
StormChasing/Myrskynbongaus etc. Lightnings/Salamoita yms.
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