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HP Printer Ink Expiration & Warranty Date Secret Decoder Ring

maryanne kehoe
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As far as I can tell from googling like crazy, here are the six HP printer
ink relevant dates. Note that most people throw away the ink cartridge upon
the first (false) expiration date. Only those who read the google record
know that first end-of-service date can be overcome, giving the user an
additional year or two of useful service.

I post this by way of peer review so that the experts can correct where I
make any mistake.

1. Manufacture date = date printed on ink cartridge minus 30 months
2. Installation date = hand written on ink cartridge when first installed
3. Install-by date = manufacture date plus 18 months
4. Warranty expiration date = printed on the ink tank in YYYY/MM/DD format
5. End-of-service date = installation date plus 30 months
6. Expiration date = warranty expiration date + 24 months
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