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Canon Powershot A-410 - NO POWER
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Cannot turn on camera.

Batteries OK - but no power.

PC connection OK - but won't work - can't find..

Any ideas


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Is there a reset button? If there isn't one try leaving the batterie
out overnight.

Ensure the batteries are ok, you can't just test them on a test meter
use a proper battery tester as these 'loads' the battery whil

I would try a either Nicad or Lithium Ion batteries, I was asked t
look at a camera that kept cutting off, upon inserting fully charge
Nicads it worked flawlessly, back in with the dry cells, lo an
behold... kept cutting off and these was new...

If using dry cells ensure they are top quality ones like Duracell etc
because with the El' Cheapo types the voltage will drop like th
clappers under load

Other fault's could be a jammed lens or maybe faulty memory card o
it's connections, but with a jammed lens you would get an E18 erro
so I think this could be ruled out


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On 30 May 2006 07:09:06 -0700, Removed) wrote:

>Cannot turn on camera.
>Batteries OK - but no power.
>PC connection OK - but won't work - can't find..
>Any ideas

Make sure the flash memory card door is fully/properly closed.
I don't have a Canon A410 but do own a Canon A40, A60, A70 & an A95 &
if I recall correctly they all won't power-up with the door open.

Also try a set of fresh Alkaline (non-rechargeable) batteries.
Rechargeable batteries sometimes test OK but can't deliver enough
power during power-up, so nothing happens.

Don't mean to be insulting but make absolutely sure the
battery contacts & battery door contacts are clean & that they are
installed correctly. It's happened to me a couple of times when in a
hurry to load 4 freshly charged AA's in 1 of my cameras, was going to
try another set when I notice *my* error.

Just proves I am human too!

Hope your difficulty is as simple as 1 of the above.

Respectfully, DHB

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In article <(E-Mail Removed) .com>,
(E-Mail Removed) says...
> Cannot turn on camera.
> Batteries OK - but no power.
> PC connection OK - but won't work - can't find..
> Any ideas

Yeah, you got a defective camera. I had to RMA a Canon A410 because it
would not always power on. If I removed the batteries and reinstalled
them it would usually power on. That seemed to reset something.

I picked up a refurb A520 direct from Canon, which I like better anyway.
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