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GP Battery charging

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"SMS" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> Sts4Heffer wrote:
>> I have used 1600 mAh GP's since 2000 and decided to upgrade to 2600 mAh
>> NiMh.
>> The 1600's came with a 3v/250mA 1.5VA 4 bank wall charger which has been
>> very good. I do not want to buy a new mega fast charger (which most seem
>> to be) as I believe slow charging to be better for batteries.
>> Am I correct in assuming my old charger will suffice but will take approx
>> 11/12 hours to charge the higher spec ones.

> Forget it. Get the Sanyo charger at Costco. It's $20, includes six 2500mAH
> AA and two 900 mAH AAA batteries. It charges individually (despite what
> the packaging says--the actual data sheet from Sanyo says that it does
> charge individually), and it has fast and regular charge capability (two
> cells can be charged at a high rate, four are charged at a lower rate).

I might have looked at that one but the flight cost is beyond my pocket at
the moment...

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