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What kind of lighting do you use?

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>Something I never see discussed amid all the Canon vs Nikon and
>point-and-shoot vs SLR and the like.


I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. I'll take a stab and see if it
answers your qustion. I use what ever the shot requires. Don't mean to be
glib, but if the scene is an architectural interior with lighting designed as
part of the scheme, I'll usually augment it with quartz lights. If the "view"
out of the window is important, I'll use strobe, and either gel the interior
incandescent lights, or replace the bulbs with daylight balanced ones - same
for flourescent tubes. If it's a home interior, I'll often let the warmth of
existing incandescent instruments add a bit of yellow-red - depends on the
effect that I, and the client want to achieve.

For product shots, it's the same. If I can work with "hot-lights" to the
benefit of the shoot, I'll break out the Lowells. If I can best use strobe,
then out come the Speedotrons.

For smaller stuff, the Nikon SB's do an adequate job, and if I happen to be
doing people who are not models (for whatever reason), I'll use the SB's.

In some cases, I prefer to use total ambient light, but it is because of what
I find on that particular location.

The shot tells me what system I should use, and I always listen to the shot!

Hope this helps,

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