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Canon A620's 400 compared to A80's?

Polish Prince \(Szynka\)
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A620! You will love this camera.

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> ASAAR wrote:
>> No. I mentioned the A610 because it's essentially a more
>> inexpensive version of the A620. It does have "only" 5mp, but
>> that's hardly a limitation unless you're in the habit of making very
>> large prints. A couple of years ago, when the first 7mp cameras hit
>> the streets, many reviews preferred similar cameras using 5mp
>> sensors, since (assuming the sensors had the same dimensions) the
>> sensors with the lower mp count tended to produce less noisy high
>> ISO, low light pictures. That should also be true for the
>> A610/A620, unless the A610's sensor is physically smaller than the
>> one in the A620. But as the A620 apparently does very well in such
>> situations (and I consider dpreview's reviews to be superior to
>> DCR's), you'll probably be quite pleased with an A620 if you decide
>> to get it. The S3 is a very good camera too, but being larger,
>> wouldn't be used quite as often. I have an old Powershot S20 which
>> is smaller than the A610, but I've left it behind many times simply
>> because its bulk was greater than what I was willing to carry. What
>> I'd really like would be a camera no larger than Fuji's A345/A350
>> (and preferably a bit smaller), and retaining its optical viewfinder
>> but having the F10/F11's 6mp sensor and perhaps the addition of some
>> manual controls.

> Here's the thing, though: even if I don't make large prints (or make
> prints at all, even) since a great deal of my pictures involve creative
> cropping beyond a little off the edges, pixels do matter. I'm not
> making a huge enlargement, but I often am taking a portion that's about
> 1/3 the shot and making that the image. The one mp difference isn't
> enough enticement.
> I fiddled with an S3 and am kind of torn, for just the reason you say
> you mention. I take the A80 everywhere, in my vest pocket, and that's
> huge boon to spontaneous pictures getting taken. I also love how I can
> shoot nearly incognito with it. Subjects (informal as they may be)
> don't have to see a huge round glassy thing hovering nearby.
> Methinks the A620 is the ticket.
> Cheers!
> rb

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