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Carrysafe 100 review

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I will grant that camera neck straps are boring. The Carrysafe 100 is
no exception. Since it does claim better better security than an
ordinary neck strap, however, I gave it a try.

This neck strap has two thin metal wires that run length of the strap,
making it difficult for thieves to cuty or snatch the strap and grab
your camera. That is the gimmick.

The strap itself is a good quality camera strap, with a nice shoulder
pad and standard web fittings that fit most SLR cameras plus O rings
for those cameras that don't take the web fittings. A neoprene sleeve
at either end slides over the hardware. The strap is 60 inches long,
which means I can easily work with the camera slung crosswise over one
shoulder. At each end of the strap is a metal clip that can be easily
detached and the strap secured around a stationary object, such as the
arm of a chair.

Securing the camera to something this way does not mean that you can
just walk off and leave it, though. Anyone can come along and unclip it
just as easily as you can. Of course, if you covered the clips with the
neoprene sleeves they will have to take time to figure that out. What
it does do is if you are sitting, for example, in an airport chair
waiting for your plane that no one is going to come along and just
snatch the camera and run, especially if you are sitting in the chair.

The protective wire runs for most of the length of the strap, but the
short webbing pieces that attach to the camera are not protected. A
thief would have to be pretty accurate to slash it there, though, and
it is probably not the first place she would try (in third world
countries, the vast majority of pickpockets and snatchers are women --
the gang assumes that the victim will allow women to get closer before
becoming alarmed).

Although the manufacturer assumes in its advertising that the primary
reason anyone would buy this camera strap is for its security features,
I have to say that the main reasons that I like the strap are that it
is long, light weight, and comfortable. The security features are a
bonus, really.

There is only a small PacSafe logo on the shoulder pad. Otherwise it
looks like any ordinary black camera strap.

PacSafe also makes a shoulder strap called the Carrysafe 200, suitable
for laptop cases, luggage, and so forth. This strap has no quick
release hooks, but it does have heavy duty oval metal rings with nuts
and a wrench that is attached to the shoulder strap. It is a good
shoulder strap, but I do not think it is as convenient and well thought
out as the Carrysafe 100.

I actually like the Carrysafe 100 a lot. It is a bit hard to find. I
got mine at Campmor. I notice that nearly all the stores that carry
PacSafe products are places like REI, Campmor, and other recreation
outlets. Apparently the camera and luggage stores have not picked up on

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