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QinQ questoin

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I have a bunch of 3750 and a 7206 router all with QinQ tunneling working.
I think following situation will work, but can somebody confirm this?

meaning is: 1 outer vlan (10) and 2 ports on the 3750 each a pool of 100
inner vlan's

reason why I ask this is because says of assigning 1 tunneling
vlan per customer, so I was in doubt of 2 tunnelports can share 1


on the 3750

int Gi1/0/1
switchport mode trunk
desc to the 7206 router
switchport trunk allow vlan 10

int Gi1/0/2
switchport mode dot1q-tunnel
switchport access vlan 10
switchport trunk allow vlan 100-199

int Gi1/0/3
switchport mode dot1q-tunnel
switchport access vlan 10
switchport trunk allow vlan 200-299

on the 7206

int Gi0/1.10100
encapsulation dot1q 10 second-dot1Q 100
ip address ......
int Gi0/1.10101
encapsulation dot1q 10 second-dot1Q 101
ip address ......
int Gi0/1.10299
encapsulation dot1q 10 second-dot1Q 299
ip address .......


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