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MS Remote Desktop Connection and Cisco VPN Client 4.0.3 D

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I have a laptop that I would like to use MS Remote Desktop to connect to
over hardwire Ethernet at the same time my VPN Client is using the WiFi
adapter to connected to my office. I have no problem establishing the
connection, but when I log into the VPN my Remote desktop session
disconnects. Is there a way to configure the VPN client to allow this
connection? My IT dept does not support or allow split tunneling. Why if I
have a
separate IP connection to this machine can't this "Just Work"?



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Not sure if this will work or not but, try to add a route statement on
your pc to differentiate what should be tunnel traffic over your vpn
and which should be traffic to go out your secondary internet
connections. However, I believe the purpose of not using split-tunnel
is for security. Disabling split-tunnel keeps clients from being able
to connect to unsecure sites and computers while traversing the secure
company LAN you are VPN'd into. So finding a away around corporate
security is surely going to p*ss off your network security team and may
get you in trouble. The better approache might be to disconnect when
you want to surf your internet or have your IT department setup the
firewall so you can surf the net and connect to remote stations through
the vpn tunnel.


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