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6 Sony Cameras fail manufacturing test..!

Bill Funk
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On Sun, 26 Mar 2006 08:58:51 -0500, "Mike" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

><bobo> a écrit dans le message de news:
>(E-Mail Removed)...
>> "Davy" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>>>news:HWXUf.167160$(E-Mail Removed). com...
>>>> Cameras fail manufacturing test-:
>>>> DSC-H1, DSC-L1, DSC-P200, DSC-W7, DSC-W5 and DSC-S90
>>>> There were 13 from other manufacturers...!
>>>> Davy

>> Those two links are great examples of worthless reporting.
>> Don't tell you jack **** about what the deal was.

>Not my opinion.
>I am glad to learn this.
>And lots of details, which is good reporting.
>Seems unions are beginning to work hard in China plants?

I saw details, but there were a LOT of *missing* details.
What was the problem with the cameras? There's mention of some vague,
failed "quality standards", but no indication whatsoever of what the
problems actually were.
"The inspection was based on recommended industrial standards for
digital cameras issued in 2002." What standards, issued by who?
Some 'provincial government' made an inspection based on an
unidentified standards, of a very few camera models (selected how?),
failed some of them (why?), with no indication of any corrective
measures, except to say sales were halted.
Given China's current 'tensions' with Japan, and the fact that most of
the models were produced by Japanese companies, is this a technical or
political thing?
A lot of answers missing, really.

Bill Funk
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