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creating a new downloadable, browsable and embeddable photo album for
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creating a new downloadable, browsable and embeddable photo album for
the web

Here are the easy steps to create your own browsable photoalbum (which
you can share with your friends and they can download back full res
images if required):

1) Get a FREE AIM account and login to (This is

the only site that i know of which allows you to upload unlimited
number of pictures - also you can download back your pictures - no size

and space restrictions).
2) Upload all your pictures by clicking "Create Album" link once you
(Tip: Use IE and download the prompted activex control to do drag and
3) Select the pictures you want to be in slideshow and Click on share
and give your own email .
Logout of the aol pictures (this is very important)
4) Next, you get an email. Click the link. Next, click "View as Guest"
5) Now, copy and paste the url in the browser address bar to anywhere
you want to publish
pictures for your friends - in iframe in email etc.,. - no login
required. The link looks like

6) Next, to get slideshow, just change the words in the above link from to
So, above url becomes,

Take this url and publish it in any webpage you want.
7) To embed this slideshow in your web pages, you can use the iframe
For instance, the sample html looks like
<iframe marginwidth=0 marginheight=0

width=800 height=830 frameborder="0" align="center"/>

Download pictures to your computer Click on the browsable link,
selecting "Actions..."->"Save to My computer". Note down the url in
the address bar. This can be sent to your friends or used as a direct
link to download the pictures back to your computer.

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