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Need help with manual flash

Siddhartha Jain
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I have this Achiever 828 flash that I need help with. Unfortunately, I
lost the 2-page manual that came with the flash so I uploaded the rear
view of the flash here:

The knob on the top moves the entire "F" slide and the knob above "W1 W
S T" moves the M/Ft scale. So how do I use these two scales and how do
I set exposure on my camera accordingly?


- Siddhartha

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'W1 W S T' must set the angular output circle of light to 'Wide1'
'Wide' 'Standard' and 'Telephoto'...have to guess the angle of coverage
but (assming you're using 35mm film camera) 28-35-50-85 would be a
reasonable guess. Set this according to lens in use on your camera (or
the zoom focal length in use at the time of flash exposure)

The slide has only an indirect link to 'F'... it really sets the ISO of
the film you are using.

Having set both 'W S T' and the ISO slide, you focus your lens on the
subject, look at the distance on the lens, then look at the same
distance on the flash scale and look above it at the f/stop to set on
your lens.

Set and shoot.

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