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protected ports
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I have set up a series of ports as protected, and the servers cannot
talk to each other. The admins decided that 2 of the servers need to
talk to each other, now. I tried putting a rule in the firewall (the
switch is used as a DMZ hanging off of a Checkpoint firewall), but they
still don't seem to be able to talk and there is no record of any
packets inthe firewall logs.


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If you define two ports on a switch as protected, they won't talk to
each other period. If your switch supports it, you want to look into
private vlans as a replacement for port protection.


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I am suspecting there is more to it that previously thought. They
don't talk to each other when neither are protected.

On a closer inspection, one of the servers was never on a protected
port anyway.

I work for a provincial government in Canada. I take whatever
equipment I can get.

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