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Canon D50 & SanDisk 2Gb Utral II SD Card

Manzoorul Hassan
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I read a review where the SD Card was not compatible with the Canon
SD500 the User was trying to use it in. It got me wondering, would it
also be an issue for my D50.

So, I am trying to find out - has anyone used (or tried to use) a 2Gb
SD Card (the SanDsik Ultra II specifically) with a D50. If so, what was
your experience?

I currently use a 1Gb SanDisk SD Card (not a Ultra II). I had also used
the same card with my Minolta DiMage G400 quite happily. Based on these
experiences, I was ready to fork out the ~$175 for the 2Gb, but after
reading that 1 review I'm not quite as prepared ;o)

TIA for all your help.

- manzoor

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D50 manual, page 114, gives "approved and tested" cards up to 1GB only.
Other cards "not guaranteed", i.e., they'll probably work, but don't
complain to Nikon if they don't.

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Manzoorul Hassan
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Really appreciate your reference to the Manual. If the new memory does
not work, I will not be complaining to Nikon.

I was actually hoping that someone might have tried this particular
memory (not just any other 2Gb SD Card) with a D50 and I'd be able to
learn of their experience.

Most (all except the one I mentioned earlier) were very positive. Based
on them, I might still go ahead and get one. If I do, I'll be sure to
post my own experience.

- manzoor

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