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Want to configure primary and secondary routes for up/down stream traffic
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I have two Internet connections one of which has a greater downlink
speed and the other has a greater uplink speed. They use different IP
address blocks and I want to use the greater downlink connection as the
DEFAULT outbound route. If the default route is not available I want
to use the other connection. Also I want to use the faster uplink
connection to receive data.


I have a Cisco 2600 series with 3 interfaces and Cisco 3500 series
switch. The preferred uplink connection connects directly to the
Internet and I would use these IP addresses on my external VLAN. I
also have an internal VLAN which I would like to connect the faster
downlink connection to. The internal VLAN connection is front ended
with a Linksys router and uses non-routable IP addresses i.e.

I want to setup the router with real IP addresses for all three
interfaces i.e. Internet recognized and I want to connect the internal
192 front ended network directly into the switch.

The servers would have real Internet and 192 addresses multi-homes to
the internal and external VLANs on the switch.


Can I set a default route on the router for the directly connected to
the Internet and a deffault route on the switch for the 192 connected

Would this type of conneciton fail over to the direct Internet
connection if the 192 connection was unavailable?

Note: We would use Internet DNS entries to force incoming connections
to the direct Internet connection AND HOPE THAT THE SWITCHES DEFAULT

Will this work?

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After thinking about this a little more, I realize that I can set a
default route and a persistent route.

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