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Need to setup a router/switch with 29 IP addresses, but can't subnet - HOW?
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I have a Cisco 2600 series router and a 3500 series switch. I want to
configure 2 VLANs and I have 29 distincts IP addresses. The network is
setup at home with Verizon's FIOS offering.

Normally I would subnet a block of IP addresses and assign them to
individual interfaces. I don't believe that I can do this with 29 IP
addresses which don't fall on a subnet boundary.

I want to configure 10 addresses on pcs and plug them into a specific
VLAN and the remainder (19) into another VLAN i.e. IP addresses 1-10
VLAN1 and IP addresses 11-29 VLAN2 and have them communicate?

How would I do this?
Must I assign an IP address to each router interface?
Will arp find the IP addresses for me?

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Can you use NAT to map to IP addresses on the inside? that way you
could subnet all you wanted behind your equipment and just forward the
traffic in.

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I read some documentation on the use of NAT and it seems like it will
work it I use static NATs.


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