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Show policy-map interface output with nested class-maps

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I have CBWFQ set up on an interface. I've been playing with using
various settings to do interesting BW mgmt. One of my queues has a
nested class-map and the counters don't seem to match up in show
policy-map interface:

Class-map: BE_Bandwidth (match-all)
8649 packets, 494658 bytes
5 minute offered rate 6000 bps, drop rate 0 bps
Match: class-map match-any BE
Match: access-group name dscp0
39258 packets, 2434571 bytes
5 minute rate 31000 bps
Match: qos-group 1
Output Queue: Conversation 29
Bandwidth 1 (%)
Bandwidth 0 (kbps) Max Threshold 64 (packets)
(pkts matched/bytes matched) 368/19480
(depth/total drops/no-buffer drops) 0/0/0

Can anyone tell me why the 5 min rate on the inner class-map is higher
than on the outer? I do use these class-maps on other interfaces, but
none of them have traffic running through at the moment. Does it have
anything to do with the "offerred" part in the outer class-map?


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I figured it out after staring awhile. The nested class-map shows the
packets that would have ended up in this queue. However, the parent
class-map is a MATCH-ALL, so the difference is the number of packets
that matched the first clause, but not the second. These packets then
dropped to the default queue.

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