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Roger N. Clark (change username to rnclark)
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Bill Hilton wrote:

>>Roger Clark writes ...
>>... dig out some I did on Mt Evans, Colorado in 2003.

> Hi Roger,
> First two are male Broad-tailed Hummingbirds. Third one is a female,
> likely a Broad-tailed but according to the guide books it's very
> difficult to distinguish between female Broad-tail, Rufous and Calliope
> Hummingbirds ... we had all three species of females coming to the
> feeders at Santa Fe and it was tough to tell them apart ... I don't
> think the Calliope is found in the area you took your shots though.
> Bill

Thanks for the ID. I had no idea.

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Bill Hilton
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> John McWilliams writes ...
>I am wondering, tho, if a perfectly smoothed out bg is as aesthetically
>pleasing as one where there's some vague notion of trees or buildings
>in the bokeh

You might enjoy the shots in Brettika's new thread "Hummers @ 6,000 ft"
(or something like that). He got them amongst flowers, which looks
very nice.

>perhaps for other reasons, a totally smooth bg is the accepted norm.

One problem with shooting them in flowers is that they don't go to the
same flowers every time so it's harder to find, focus and shoot. So
the pros use controlled setups with feeders (and up to seven flashes),
often carrying several poster backgrounds that they switch in and out.
Some of them even have posters of flowers or other 'fake' backgrounds
.... interesting ethical question might be why is it OK to switch in
different posters for backgrounds with film but not OK to do the
digitally switch in different backgrounds in Photoshop?


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