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we make slides from digital files

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We are a professional photo lab in Fountain Valley, CA one of the
services we offer is making slides from digital files. If you have any
questions please call us at 714-375-7717, or visit our store
8884 Warner Ave
Fountain Valley, CA

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On 5 Jul 2005 12:09:46 -0700, "skiterr" <(E-Mail Removed)>

>We are a professional photo lab in Fountain Valley


**** dude. 99.9% of the usenet population don't live in Fountain
Valley do they?, so there is no way in hell they'd pop into your
stupid store is there?

The other 0.1% who might live somewhere close are probably equally
annoyed about you using a public forum to advertise that they curse
your existence. Do you pull other cheap tricks too? ...yes?...I
thought so....

Given your high-tech approach to spamming (the skiterrr69 is *very
cool*) I bet your digital to slide process is so state-of-the-art that
it involves photographing a computer monitor with a 35mm slide film...

Please send everybody a 7ft pole so they can not touch you with it.
Those of us who live on the Eastern seaboard or outside the US might
need a 9ft pole or longer.

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skiterr wrote:

> We are a professional photo lab in Fountain Valley, CA

And you use a free Google newsgroup account to spam newsgroups ?

Doesn't sound too professional to me.

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