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Ottawa, Canada: Volunteer animal photogrpahers needed

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I am the present volunteer photographer for the Ottawa Humane Society
website and database. It is a great gig and I love it, but my husband
is being transferred abroad in the fall. So, I/we need to find some


First, you need to really like cats and/or rodents and/or birds and/or
any of the many kinds of companion animals that the OHS shelters and
rehabilitates (except dogs -- the staff does the dog snaps);

Second, you should have a decent digital camera that can produce fairly
large size images to work from;

Third, you need to be able to work onsite during some period of regular
business hours (excluding Saturday) -- in the case of the OHS M-F 9AM -

Fourth, you need to be able to crawl around on a cement floor without
feeling silly (I wear volleyball kneepads).

It would really help if:

First, you were familiar with either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements;

Second, you have WinZip or similar program on your computer;

Third, you have some artistic impulses.

To see some of my work, and the kind of thing we need to get online,
check out the OHS website at:

And click either the Cats or Small Animals link. Pictures of animals
*not* in cages are mine.

This can be a time-consuming gig, so we need to create a team of three
or four people who do different days and/or different animals.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact me at:

janus at magma dot ca


tigerspirit at sinister-designs dot com

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