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auto settings on Coolpix 995

Stuart Noble
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"Ron Hunter"
wrote in message
news:UWuee.10009$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Stuart Noble wrote:
>> A real newbie with all this but I'm trying to get some idea of how
>> "automatic" this camera's auto settings are.
>> For example, to capture running water in lowish light I selected 1000/
>> 3.9
>> with an ISO of 800 and got a good shot, but there was no way I could

>> the
>> camera to do the same when I left it to choose ether shutter speed or
>> aperture. With ISO set to auto, the exif data doesn't seem to tell you
>> what
>> ISO level was used but, by the look of the photos, it doesn't select
>> anything higher than about 200.
>> I guess there must limitations to the camera's ability to calculate

>> possibile exposure within a reasonable time but any advice as to where
>> these
>> boundaries might be would be appreciated.

> Those settings are done by the firmware in the specific camera, and
> reflect what the designers, and programmers, think will produce the best
> picture. There are always assumptions, and tradeoffs, made in the
> process. In reality, many different setting of ISO, aperture, and

> speed may produce a good picture. And that is why a lot of

> like to have the ability to make these settings themselves.

Thanks, Ron. I thought that might be the case

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