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Pentax *istD & Lexar WA technology - any experience?

Barry Pearson
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Pentax is claimed by Lexar to be a Write Acceleration partner, and they
claim the *istD supports it. I have this camera, bought long after the
announcement, and the latest firmware (1.12). The Lexar 80x WA card
appears to have no speed-advantage over cheaper store-branded cards.
Lexar-support have so far been unable to solve the problem, but they
say they are checking and will ring back.

Has anyone here any experience of using the Pentax *istD with fast
cards and/or WA cards? I would like to know the best I can expect.

I shoot RAW, which means about 13MB per image. They take about 7
seconds or so each to write to a Lexar 80x WA card, or about 35 seconds
to write 5 images (the size of the Pentax's own buffer).

That is the same speed I get from Jessops-brand cards, which are
cheaper (and whose origin I don't know). (Jessops is a well-known UK
photo-store). It appears to be about 2MB per second. But "80x" is
supposed to be about 12MB per second, and WA is supposed to make it
even faster!

I can't find a speed trial of this camera/card combination. (Rob
Galbraith doesn't cover the Pentax). So I don't know whether I have a
faulty camera, faulty card, or need to do something special, or whether
the claim that Pentax supports WA is really a hoax!

Barry Pearson

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