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Linux and Canon Camera Users - "s10sh" Utility Update (V0.2.2B)!

Doug Mitton
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I have made a few changes to the "s10sh" utility for Linux. This
allows command line access to a variety of Canon cameras. It is based
on the gphoto2 library and is originally from

I uploaded it to both:

This is from the readme file:
s10sh - V0.2.2B 050328 release!

Read and understand the WARNING please! This release may be a little
more dangerous as I am adding an "auto detect" command line option for
those who want to try the utility but may not be up to making the C
code changes required. I will also add whichever new cameras I
receive in the interim, though I cannot verify their functionality.

- Removed the "auto user_init 1" from the 300D initialization ...
thats my default.
- Add a "-S" mode to set SERIAL mode.
- Serial used to be the default BUT I made USB the default ...
and no way to select serial.
- Add an "autodetect" '-Z' option along with LOTS of warnings.
- Add the Canon EOS-20D (04A9/30EB); this one probably does not work.
- Add the Canon PowerShot A75 (04A9/30B5), because my daughter got
- Fixed the "id/setowner" display as this model doesn't have a
- Fixed a CAPTURE display bug if you are not in the current photo
directory when issued.

s10sh - V0.2.2A 041219 release!

WARNING: These changes work just fine on my Canon Digital Rebel and I
take no responsibilty for how they may work on your camera. Use with
caution as I have not tested them on a variety of equipment.

Purely for my own strange reason I updated this utility to do the
following additional functions. These changes ONLY work in USB mode
as thats what I had to work with. Also,I renamed the original files
to a ".0" suffix before I updated them with my changes so reverting
back to the original version is pretty simple.

- Added Canon Digital Rebel camera and USB mode as the default.
- Added "owner" string to the 'id' display.
- Added 'setowner' command.
- Added "Body ID" field to 'id' command.
- Added 'settime' command and a command line '-t' option.
- This sets the camera time from the host computer.
- Added a 'user_init' variable and a command line '-i level' option.
- Added a demo '-i 1' option which:
- sets the initial 'cd' to "C:\DCIM\xxxCANON\" where xxx is the
latest directory.
- checks the camera time and if it is more than 8-10 min different
from computer fixes it.
- only one init level is available at a time.
- Added 'capture' command and command line '-c' option.
- Takes a picture with the current camera settings and displays the
new image name.
- If UNKNOWN is displayed instead of the captured file name then you
must cd to the current photo directory either manually or using
one of the "user_init" options.
- ie. "s10sh -i 1"

Proposed Updates:
- Allow multiple user_init options to be selected.
- Allow multiple "capture" images with variable interval, command line
- Allow capture to immediately download/display image/thumbnail.
- Allow camera configuration changes, ie. LCD display time, mode, etc.

If you get an error like this:
usb 1-1: bulk timeout on ep1in
usb 1-1: usbfs: USBDEVFS_BULK failed ep 0x81 len 156 ret -110
during the 'capture' command it just means that the camera is taking
longer than I anticipated to save the picture before 's10sh' tries to
re-connect to the camera. It is actually a kernel message and I don't
seem to be able to block it in 's10sh'. You can hide it by increasing
the timer value in "usb.c" "USB_control_camera()" function. I didn't
make it a variable, its hard coded. Everything will still work just
fine, its just the display thats getting a little cluttered.
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