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Adding comments to JPEGs?

Terry Pinnell
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"Greg" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>The keyword context menu popup is a list of the 20 most recently used
>keywords. Since often you annotate related images, it's handy to have the
>most recently used keywords quickly available. Of course, you can always
>add any keyword you want through the edit dialog. You can also clear the
>list of keywords (and the other auto complete entries) as well as configure
>a number of other things using the PixVue control panel applet.

Thanks, understood. I suspected it might work like that, but it's
reassuring to know I can clear them. Sort of distracting to have all
those keywords relating to a 1980 holiday in Austria while working on
photos taken yesterday in the garden <g>.

Terry, West Sussex, UK

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Terry Pinnell
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"Morten L.Pedersen" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>I've tried adding captions in Picasa, and it is written in to the JPEG file.

Excellent, I'll have to experiment. For my simple needs, that sounds a
sensible alternative to IPTC then. My 'comments' are mainly intended
to identify where and when a photo was taken, and names of subjects
where that's of interest, etc. That includes many old photos from
scans, as well as many taken in my first year or so with my Sony DSC-1
Cybershot, for which the EXIF data was destroyed by PSP7 (and other
editors) before I realised its value.

>But it seems like Picasa can't deal with special letters (I use a danish
>keyboard layout) for some reason, so I only use Pixvue to add captions,
>keywords and other metadata. That is except for captions for videofiles.
>Here you cannot use Pixvue but has to rely on Picasa.
>I also think Picasa is a nice app.
>The only thing I'm a little uncertain about is the backup function.
>Do you know if its relyable ?

No, sorry, I've barely used the app much yet. Just restarted
yesterday, prompted by this thread. And found that I've already
forgotten some of the basics!

>> My only issue with PixVue is that it looks pretty daunting! I get two
>> context menus on r-clicking any file, and each of them has many
>> entries - including some (like Cut, Copy, Delete) that sound as if
>> they duplicate standard Explorer ones, and so far don't seem to do
>> anything. Guess I'm jumping the gun though; have yet to read all the
>> Help <g>.

>I get one menu on r-click.

For the time being, as I'm juggling too many balls at once, I've
uninstalled PixVue, but from memory one menu was 'Pixvue', and the
other 'Annotate'. I'll re-install when I finish my experiments with
half a dozen 'renamer' programs, and MoviesOnTV, and MediaShow and...

>Then there's submenus for Pixvue functions.
>Cut/copy/paste on these submenues only concerns picture-metadata (Eg. copy
>on the Pixvue-menu copies metadata which you can paste in to another
>I use the copy/paste and template functions a lot. They make it pretty fast
>to add metadata to a lot of pictures.

Thanks, that sounds good.

Terry, West Sussex, UK

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