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Moon shot - Explanation - Clark Vision

Roger N. Clark (change username to rnclark)
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M-M wrote:

> In article <(E-Mail Removed)>,
> Ken Tough <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>Roger N. Clark wrote:
>>>The image scale is 1.2 arc-seconds per pixel.

>>Do you have any idea what that worked out to as a linear distance
>>on the moon surface? (I know, I could work it out, but then the
>>earth-moon distance does vary some)

> The smallest craters that you see are about 5 miles across, according to
> information I picked up somewhere a while ago.
> How's that for citing a reference?
> m-m

The smallest craters in my moon image at
that really look like craters are 4 pixels. At 1.2 arc-seconds
per pixel, or 2.2 kilometers/pixel, that would be about 9 km
for a 4-pixel crater, or 5.5 miles. Smaller spots 3 pixels across
are craters but you couldn't prove it from that image alone; those
are less than 4 miles across.

Amateur telescopes can do much better, probably at 4 to 6 times better,
so under a mile. The best amateurs can probably do 3 or so times better
than that with image stacking methods.

But that is not the smallest craters one can see. I have seen detail on
the moon around 0.05 arc-second through an 88-inch aperture telescope
(Clark, R.N., Perfect Seeing, Sky and Telescope, page 103, July, 1997).
That corresponds to about 0.1 km, or a little more than a football field.
I bet other astronomers have done better.

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